Leaving Hope

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 Nós homens, que sabemos uns dos outros?

5.1.07 11:19

just scared...

it's not that i wanna say goodbye
it's just that every time you try
to tell me that you love me
each and every single day
i know i'm going to have to eventually give you away
and though my love is rare
and though my love is true
i'm just scared
that we may fall through

5.1.07 11:20

i'm sry...

i'm sorry i forsake you
i'm sorry that i left you
i'm sorry i did forget you
and i'm sorry that i made myself feel better
by making you feel never good enough
i know you'll shine much brighter than i ever could
maybe that is why i was
scared of you...

5.1.07 11:27


me siento débil cuando estoy sin ti
y me hago fuerte cuando estás aquí
sin ti yo ya no sé que es vivir...

6.1.07 11:53

4 u....

baby, they build you up
only to tear you down
don't give up
baby don't believe it
oh, it's good for nothing

think about it

6.1.07 11:56

sin tu luz...

mi vida es un túnel sin tu luz

6.1.07 11:58

you were just a child
ready to explore
and everything you saw
looked like an open door
a place you can remember
you'd love to go back
but you can't even comprehend
that's all in the past

put your heart in my hands
and i won't hurt you
put your heart in my hands
i promise not to
i'll lift you up
and i love you the way you are

20.1.07 13:36

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